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This is the Contemporary Elegance Tiny House on Wheels that’s the latest from Tiny Treasure Homes in Arizona.

It’s great for a family (or someone with frequent guests) that has not only a downstairs bedroom, but a double connected loft accessible via a very safe staircase. The interior is beautiful wood and the kitchen has a stove, oven and large refrigerator for cooking family dinner.

Enjoy the photo tour!

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Tiny Treasure Homes’ Latest: Contemporary Elegance

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This is Anita’s double-loft tiny house on wheels.

Outside, you’ll notice a shingled house with a unique half-arch roofline. Four large solar panels lie on one side of the structure to allow for off-grid power, but the house can also function fully on the grid.

When you go inside, you’ll find a beautiful Eastern-inspired space complete with a Moroccan floor couch and genuine Indian sari curtains. The kitchen includes a wall-mounted wood-stove and a copper sink, and the bathroom has a complimentary copper basin sink which Anita said was the first thing she ever bought for the house. This home has two lofts – one for sleeping and one for a living space, as well as a home office where Anita works from.

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Anita’s Stylish Double-Loft Tiny Home on Wheels


Images © Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube

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