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Joe had done all the things society says will make you happy — he excelled in Real Estate, got married, had kids, and moved into a 3,500-square-foot home — but he was pretty miserable! So he got divorced, put others in charge of his properties, and bought/converted a van. His life has never been the same.

His van has been customized for his unique needs, and it allows him to get up close and personal with all the nature and adventure spots that used to be out of reach with traditional travel options. He shared an extensive interview with us, so be sure to read his story and advice below!

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From 3500 sq. ft. to Campervan in Lifestyle Overhaul

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After 25-year old Mike Hudson quit his job he spent the next 5 months building his new home. An old cargo van that he would live off grid in and travel around Europe with.

Leaving from England heading throughout Europe visiting music festivals and camping everywhere in between he has everything he needs inside his van. There is a kitchen with space to cook, a mini refrigerator, solar panels for power, shower, toilet, work desk area and even a hammock.

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He quit his job, built out this cargo van tiny home, and is traveling Europe while sharing his experience online

Man Converts Cargo Van to Travel Around Europe

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