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Vanlife, like “normal” life, has changed since the pandemic, and Nate & Izzy built their unique campervan with COVID restrictions in mind. They made space for a shower and portable toilet just in case gyms close down again, and they went with a cool murphy bed set-up I haven’t yet seen in a van.

When the murphy bed is up, they have a bench space with a fold-down table for eating meals and working, and when it’s down they have a cozy spot to snuggly up and watch TV. They DIY-ed their countertops with a bunch of 1×2 lumber, and used a salad bowl from Amazon for their stylish sink.

And just to inspire you, Izzy and Nate had never built so much as a birdhouse before taking on this challenge! Check out a full tour of how they made it all work at the end of the post. Brought to us by Tiny Home Tours.

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COVID-Ready Van Complete with Shower/Toilet!

From No Construction Experience to a Van Conversion with Shower & Murphy Bed

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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