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This is the fourth and final installment of Samantha and Herb’s fantastic caravan and bus conversions! Their beloved skoolie named Mr. Pemberton. The bus is their current home on wheels which is parked in Australia while they finish a European tour. Once they get back home Down Under, they’ll finish a lap around the continent.

They had to completely gut and overhaul the bus to bring it to its current glory. The sage green and white interior is absolutely dreamy, and it includes all the comforts of home (even a bathroom!). Enjoy Samantha’s story in her own words below!

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Dreamy Sage Green & White Bus Conversion

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This is the Evergreen Bus, a custom renovated school bus by Daniel and Brooke Cook. Learn more, and see some of their before and after pictures below. Let us know what you think of this skoolie below. Enjoy!

We’ve spent the entire year so far off grid, running our home completely on solar power. No neighbors, no rent, & no utility bills. Just beautiful desert sunsets, quite a lot of dirt, & the freedom to change the views outside our windows whenever we want

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Couple’s 250 sq. ft. Off-Grid Skoolie Conversion

evergreen bus-001

Images via Evergreen Bus

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This is Nick and Frankie, their school bus conversion tiny home, and their 3 beautiful dogs. One night they watched a documentary about a couple who were traveling around the United States, and they looked at each other, and asked, “can we do that?”

Fast forward to today, and they’re living full-time in their custom-built skoolie with a raised roof so it feels pretty spacious inside. It’s painted white, has custom windows, solar panels, and there’s even a wood-burning stove inside to make it feel like you’re in a cabin. Enjoy the photo and video tour below!

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Couple Living Full-Time In Their School Bus Conversion With Their 3 Dogs in Colorado!

Happy Home Bodies-001

Images via @HappyHomeBodies/Instagram

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Meet Gabriel and Debbie Mayes and their four kids. They are a family of six living full time in their 40 ft converted school bus.

For the past year, they have traveled across the country and most recently landed on the coast of Northern California for the time being.

Below you can check out their awesome skoolie journey. Enjoy!

Full Time Living in a Converted School Bus

Family of Six Living Full Time in Skoolie

Images via The Mayes Team

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