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This is a 1984 Mercedes-Benz G Wagon RV conversion. I’ve NEVER seen one of these before, have you?

When I originally shared this, it was for sale for $28,900 near Vancouver, BC. Today it is sold, but according to a reader in the comments, it may be available once again!

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1984 Mercedes-Benz G Wagon RV Conversion

1984 Mercedes-Benz G Wagon RV 001

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This is a school bus tiny house conversion in Florida.

It was converted in three weeks for less than $1,500 in materials.

On the outside, it’s painted in copper paint.

Inside, you’ll also notice copper paint accents to add to the theme.

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$1500 School Bus Tiny House Conversion

1500 School Bus Tiny House Conversion

Images © Simple Life via YouTube

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This is the story of a couple’s tiny house bus conversion.

When their landlord hiked up their rent, they decided to look into alternative living solutions.

That’s when they started considering tiny houses, but ended up deciding on a converted school bus (which cost them less too).

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Couple’s Tiny House Bus Conversion

Couples Tiny House Bus Conversion 002

Images © RelaxShacks.com via YouTube

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This is a man who lives off-grid in a Nissan NV 2500 van.

From the outside, you’ll notice a stealth white van with ladders affixed to the roof. At a first glance, it looks like an ordinary work van.

When you go inside, you’ll find a twin bed, small kitchenette, storage — and even headroom so you can stand up inside!

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Man Living Off-the-Grid in a Nissan NV 2500 Van


Images © Enigmatic Nomadics via YouTube

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This is Chelle’s school bus conversion!

From the outside this looks like a standard yellow school bus you once spent hours on in elementary school, but take a step inside and you’ll forget all about the back-of-the-bus bullies!

Chelle described herself as a 55-year-old homemaker who was searching for a way to build an off-grid tiny house when this bus fell in her lap. She transformed it into a home with dark wood floors, fun dressers, a mini fridge, toaster oven, coffee maker, and an electric wood burning stove. Her bed sits in the back and she has curtains to section off her living areas and cover the bus’s many windows. It’s actually illegal to have a yellow bus in some states, so Chelle said she will repaint it soon so she can continue traveling!

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Chelle’s Rustic School Bus Conversion

Chelie's Simple Rustic School Bus Conversion 001

Images © sweatsville.blogspot.com

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This is a man’s tiny home he created out of a 1987 military cargo truck.

Outside, you’ll see the general shape of a military truck that you’d expect. The front fascia has been painted blue, but the backside of the vehicle has been transformed into his living area. He can drive it at a max of 45 mph right now, but said he’ll try to get it to 55 mph in time.

When you go inside, you’ll find a stove, sink, cabinets, and a microwave in the kitchen area. He has a table that folds up for more room and folds down for eating. His bed sits on top of the cabin and includes a television so he can watch TV in bed. It also includes a bathroom. Watch the video below to meet his pet goat and cat.

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Man Converts ’87 Military Cargo Truck into his DIY Tiny Home

Military Cargo Truck Conversion to DIY Tiny Home 001

Images © Talk And Travel TV via YouTube

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This is a 1920’s Douglas Fir Log Motorhome.

It was built out of a single Douglas Fir Log on a 1920 3-ton Dodge Brothers chassis.

The photo was taken in 1922. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

1920’s Douglas Fir Log Motorhome


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I’d like you to meet Julie and Andrew, a young couple who transformed an old school bus into their very own mortgage-free cottage on wheels.

Since the both of them love to travel and did not want a home with a 30-year mortgage they decided to go tiny. So for only $10,000 they bought this partially-converted school bus and did the rest of the work to turn it into home.

Once you go inside their bus you almost forget you are even in a school bus! Instead you feel like you’re in a rather a chic and stylish cottage. I think you might agree that they are making the most out of simple living. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Young Couple’s DIY School Bus Cottage on Wheels


Images © houseb.us

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I had to show you this handmade micro cabin built on a 4×4 diesel truck that’s for sale. (SOLD)

It’s a custom built wooden cabin mounted on a 4WD Mitsubishi L200.

The owner/builder calls it a Demountable Shepherds Hut Motorhome.

And he’s selling it because he’s moving out of the country.

Right now it’s located near Guildford, United Kingdom and is ready for a new owner.

4×4 Off Road Micro Cabin Truck

See the rest of this DIY truck camper and learn more about it too below:

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