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About a year ago I introduced you to Shaye and Tom thanks to the people over at Living Big in a Tiny House. I love this story because this couple decided to ‘just go for it’ and take advantage of the benefits of tiny house living early in their life. They’re now enjoying more freedom and are building a life on their own terms.

Right now I’m here to give you an update on them since a lot has changed for them after living in their tiny house for one year. They now have a newborn daughter named Hazel. Their tiny house has a new porch and it’s fully decorated inside. And if you really like their house you can even buy the plans to build one just like it yourself.

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Young Family Designs and Builds Debt-free Tiny Home on Wheels with a Porch

Young Family's DIY Tiny House on Wheels

Images © DIY House Buiding

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