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Rory wanted to go tiny but wasn’t excited about most of the vehicles he could find on the market, so he decided to buy a flatbed truck and build his own camper pod on the back! The result? An absolutely meticulously designed tiny house that meets his every need.

There’s a super cool desk nook where he can set up all his work gear, a separate dining area, a huge garage, a functional kitchen, and even a mini bathroom. He has an extra-long queen-sized bed with a flip-up hatch that he can open up to admire the stars. What do you think?

  • Rory built a meticulously designed flatbed tiny house on a truck to meet his unique needs.
  • The tiny house features a well-designed desk nook, a functional kitchen, spacious storage, and a removable house pod.
  • The extra-long queen-sized bed with a flip-up hatch allows for stargazing, making it a versatile and cleverly crafted living space.

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Every Inch of This Space is So Cleverly Crafted!

His DIY Flatbed Camper w Desk Nook & Disco Ball 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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