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This is the City of the Sun tiny house community near Columbus, New Mexico being shared with you thanks to Bob Cook. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below if you’re interested. Thank you!

City of the Sun, an intentional community of 200 acres North of the village of Columbus NM on the Mexican border is soliciting new members. COS was established almost 40 years ago. The land is arid desert surrounded by several small mountain ranges. The economy in the area is fairly depressed so prospective members are encouraged to have independent incomes such as retirement or skills that can be applied via internet etc..

Each member is entitled to up to 2 large lots. Most of the structures are owner built and include numerous tiny houses. Alternative building techniques have always been encouraged and there are quite a few structures made out of papercrete and adobe.

For those interested, please contact me at “[email protected]

City of the Sun Tiny House Community near Columbus, NM

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