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This is an Awesome Renovated RV Tiny Home that’s for sale in Georgia.

What used to be your standard 2005 28 ft. Outback RV has been beautifully re-done by the owners to include bright white furnishings, awesome tile back splashes and a backroom walk-in closet and desk area. Growing up I had friends with this same trailer and it would be incredibly dated nearly a decade later, but the owners did a fantastic job making it a true modern tiny house!

Purchase details below.

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Awesome Renovated RV Tiny Home

Images via Ebay

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This is a new bed/desk/shelving unit that you can build yourself.

Blake Van Winckle created the design, and is selling the plans for $20 so you can make your own.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Build Your Own Bed/Desk using these Plans


Images © Blake Van Winckle

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When you’re living in a small house, space can be an issue. Especially when it’s you and your family but even if you’re single and living in a studio or even a tiny house.

So as part of our small space furniture series I feature ideas every week that you might be able to use or get inspiration from.

Sometimes it’s easy enough where you can just place the order.

So today you’re looking at a bed that offers a lot. It’s a multifunctional piece of furniture that’s perfect for a small space. And it serves you with a bed loft, desk, plenty of storage, and lots of shelving.

Some other cool features you’ll enjoy with it are the way the desk pulls out and hides away when you’re not using it. There are also a bunch of drawers for completely hidden storage along with shelves in every other spot. It also comes with a small ladder so you can easily climb up to bed.

In the picture below, all storage is closed and the desk is hidden/put away.

Small Space Furniture - Loft Bed with Storage and Desk Functionality

In the next picture the desk is pulled out and the side shelves are open, have a look…

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This desk is small, sleek and stack-able.

The idea is that since the desk is small you won’t find a lot of things to put on it. And if needed all the pieces can be stacked away in one simple location.

Like the piece that holds your monitor, keyboard, printer, etc.

This beautiful desk is made by Heckler Design and is sure to inspire you.

Super-cool and space-saving home office design! Great for tiny and small homes or bedrooms.

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