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Most of you have already met Dan Louche who built a tiny house on a trailer for his mom.

I had the pleasure of visiting him and his family a few weeks ago and we made a fun video while we were there.

It seems like in no time at all he is well on his way toward finishing his second tiny house project.

Like I showed you earlier this week, he has altered his design a bit and has used what he’s learned from the first time around to make his second home on wheels even better.

I’m thrilled to see the finished product as well as the upcoming plans that he will be coming out with next.

In just four short days he has gone from this…

Dan's Tiny House Project Part 2

To this…

Dan Louche Tiny House Project Number 2

Very impressive you guys!

Click on over to Dan’s blog to learn more and stay tuned because he’s keeping us updated there with videos and all.

Photo credits: Dan Louche