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This is an Anonymous Reader Submitted Guest Post: DIY Tiny Camping Trailer (Submit)

The trailer is 5X9.5′, weighs 1280 lbs. empty but can still be pulled with a 4 cylinder vehicle. It took about 6 months to build and is super comfortable. I can’t wait to start using it.

It has a TV, DVD player, digital tuner, Stereo, Microwave, 2.4 cu ft Refrig, on board 30 amp RV charger, and deep cycle battery.

2 TV outlets, 6 110 outlets, 2 12 volt outlets.  Storage compartment in the front and another storage compartment at the foot of the bed.

All LED lighting except for the kitchen area, which has a 40-watt fluorescent.  Under cabinet lighting as well. Also has 15″ wheels…..

DIY Tiny Camping Trailer I Built

DIY Micro Camping Trailer I Built for $2900

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