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This is a custom 8’x20′ Elm Tumbleweed Tiny House on Wheels for sale with loft dormers that was built in 2013 using Elm plans. Update: SOLD

Laura Loescher and her partner purchased this custom-built Tumbleweed earlier this year to temporarily use while designing and building two other tiny homes from scratch to perfectly meet their needs. So now, they no longer need this one!

While they had it they did a few renovations and upgrades but it is now ready to sell since they are getting ready for two new tiny homes- one to use a kitchen and bathroom and the other as a single, large, and open tiny home. Pretty cool, right? So if you’re interested in their old Tumbleweed tiny house, learn more about it below. Selling price is $45,000. (SOLD) Thank you!

Custom Elm Tumbleweed Tiny House on Wheels For Sale (SOLD)

Custom Tumbleweed Elm Tiny House For Sale

Images © Ashland Tiny House

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