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This is a 5′ x9′ Tiny Travel Trailer guest post by Kay Beam – share yours!

I built a 5′ x 9′ tiny travel trailer. I wanted something to camp in with hard sides so that I could bring my granddaughters with me. I made the walls 5′ high with a dropped floor so that I could stand up in it. At the dropped floor the inside height is 5’8″; I’m 5″6″, so there’s 2 inches to spare.

The floor and walls are made of ¾ inch plywood, and the roof has luan placed on spars. The walls and roof are skinned with aluminum. I ordered manufactured windows and a door.

It weighs just under 1,000 pounds, and tows very easily. It has an inside kitchen and a place to shower. There is a shower pan with a drain in the floor, and a shower curtain that hangs from the walls. The shower pan stores under the bed and I bring it out and place over the floor drain when I need to use it.

There are electrical and water hookups, and I’ll be installing a water heater. It took me about 180 hours to build and cost around $5,000.

I ordered a custom made trailer chassis and built on top of it. The trailer is very comfortable and convenient. I’m very happy with how it turned out. It was a fun project!

Below is a breakdown of the building costs. Please enjoy and re-share. Thank you!

5′ x 9′ Tiny Travel Trailer


Images © Kay Beam

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