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The Slabtown is a cube tiny house that is 12′ by 12′ with a second level.

At a towering 12′ tall, there’s plenty of room in the loft for sleeping and storage.

The loft is designed to allow for a 19 gallon water heater and an RV style washer/dryer combo.

You gain access to the second story through a large custom made ladder.

There are plenty of windows throughout so there is plentiful natural lighting inside, including upstairs.

Construction Details

  • Constructed on wooden skids
  • 2×8 floor joists
  • Steel hurricane tiles
  • Metal roof
  • 36″ entry door
  • Bead board pine paneling on interior walls & ceiling

Special Features

  • 32″ shower
  • Full size toilet
  • 19 gallon water heater

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