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Welcome back, tiny house enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share with you. Nestron, the renowned prefab tiny house manufacturer, is opening showrooms in Texas and California in 2023! Do you remember Nestron and the Cube and Cube 2 models we showed you? Well, there’s some exciting news! Since they are opening showrooms in Texas and California in 2023, this means that U.S. customers can now explore their incredible designs in person and will no longer need to pay to ship from Canada. To celebrate, Nestron sent us the latest pictures of the Cube 2 to share with you below.

The C2 starts at $59,000 and tops out at $85,420 depending on the features you add. No matter what, it comes fully furnished, and you can also upgrade to a solar system to take it off-grid and even get heated bathroom floors. Remember, this is a one-floor unit with two bedrooms, so you could possibly fit a family of 3 or 4 inside — and there’s no loft. What do you think?

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From Canada to California and Texas: Nestron Cube 2 Showrooms Opening in 2023

Cube 2 Nestron Newest Pictures 2

Images via Nestron

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