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Josh watched his parents travel the continent with this 1954 Crown Bus which he bought from the family when he turned 15. He lived  in it for some time and then as an adult got the idea to give it a total rehab and continue in his grandpa’s tracks. His then-girlfriend wasn’t too sure about the whole thing, but Carolyn stuck with him through the build and married him — so it all worked out!

Back in 2009 before there were tons of “how to” videos on YouTube, Josh figured out how to raise the roof of his skoolie about 13 inches. They also have a spa-like bathroom, two mini-fridges and plenty of comfort in their vintage rig. Pretty awesome!

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Roof Raise, Woodburning Stove & Spa-Like Bathroom

Remodeling His Grandfather’s 1954 Crown Bus 4

Images by Tiny Home Tours

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