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The Cricket is a light weight pop-up trailer that is perfect for your next possible road adventure.

Not as simple and inexpensive as a teardrop camper (like the one I showed you yesterday)..

But it’s really flexible, modern, sleek and still relatively affordable for an RV/travel trailer.

The one I’m showing you today you can actually rent and try out for yourself if you’re ever in the Portland, Oregon area.

The best part is that you can get it dropped off within 50 miles of the location or you can make the trek there yourself.

I thought, “what an awesome way to try something like this out without having to fork out thousands of dollars.”

So I did what any blogger would do.. Share it with you here on Tiny House Talk!

A Cricket Micro Travel Trailer You Can Rent


Images: Airbnb

I encourage you to take the complete tour of this awesome, modern little travel trailer below:

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