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I haven’t seen a good Craftsman-style tiny home in a while, with the pretty painted shingles contrasted with dark trim — but I love it! Pair it with a glossy emerald-green door and you have… perfection.

The house has a slightly elevated living room, with secret storage underneath, as well as a bay window and bench with additional storage. The galley kitchen has an oven, apartment-sized fridge, and farmhouse sink.

But the real stunner in this THOW is the bathroom! While the rest of the home is muted beige and white tones, the bathroom has a bold pop of emerald green wall tiles, along with black-and-white floor tiles. The wooden Japanese-inspired soaking tub is the icing on the cake. You can purchase it for $79,000 in Newberg, Oregon.

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26 Ft. THOW w/ Moody & Luxurious Bathroom

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This is a craftsman-style tiny house on wheels built by Aaron Dennis.

He built it using a slightly modified version of Dan Louche’s tiny house plans.

This tiny house is built on a 22 1/2 ft. trailer. Aaron will be towing it using a 1985 Ford F-350.

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Man Builds Craftsman-style Tiny House

Aarons Craftsman Tiny Home on Wheels using Modified Dan Louche Plans 001

Images © Aaron Dennis

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