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This is Le Quai Des Possibles Tiny House by Ty Rodou, a famous French tiny home builder. Interestingly enough, this tiny house is used as a space for meetings. It was a built for a coworking space in France called Le Quai Des Possibles.

The tiny home on wheels is used for meetings and can accommodate up to 15 people. It’s always fun to see tiny homes being used in creative ways like this, even though I would all like to see more tiny house communities, right?

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Tiny House on Wheels Built for a Coworking Space in France

Coworking Space Uses a Tiny House for Extra Meeting Space

Images © Ty Rodou

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This is the PodShare coliving concept in Los Angeles. It’s a membership-based live/work community, kind of like coworkspaces but you can also spend the night here. You get your own bunk bed with charging stations plus access to a shared kitchen and bathroom.

The catch? Your bunk has no privacy! But that also means no funny business. PodShare provides toiletries, toothpaste, clean towels, and food. Would you ever consider staying in one of these? Have you ever tried working out of a coworkspace?

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The PodShare Coliving Concept: Membership-based Cohousing

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