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Jesse and Janice were saving up to buy a house when they made a major pivot in their lives and decided to jump into vanlife instead! They found a van already DIY-converted by a family that had used it as a weekender vehicle, and they’ve slowly made it theirs.

While the bed could convert to a dinette, they always leave it in “bed mode” and use the swivel seat or bench couch as a spot to work or eat. The large AC unit drew too much power, so they removed it to make a special bedroom for their cat, Nova. They also love the awning that allows them to extend their living space outdoors, and a dirt bike that makes it easy to run into town. Enjoy the tour!

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Saving For A House & Chose a Van

Couple & Kitty In This 1999 Dodge Roadtrek Camper Van 3

Images © Tiny Home Tours

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Sarah learned about #vanlife and wanted to jump right in, but Brandon thought she was crazy when he saw the rusty old van she wanted to purchase. Good news for Sarah, he did some research into van living and found there were other options, so we she came with her PowerPoint about why they should go tiny, he agreed immediately!

And before they knew it, their lease was up and they were done with rent payments, sleeping on the floor of their empty Promaster while making it home.

What a lovely home it is! They have a fantastic kitchen for all their home cooking, a handy swivel seat and even a hanging closet. Enjoy the Tiny Home Tours video below. You can follow the couple on Instagram.

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Impeccable Van Conversion with Wet Bar, Hidden Potty and Oven

Brandon and Sarah Escape Rent in their Promaster Van

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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