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See how this married couple, Peter and Shannon, built their own tiny house for less than $20,000 and how they are living simply in it.

This is one of the most amazing tiny homes I’ve ever seen. I think you’ll be really impressed once you see what it’s like inside.

Inside this little cottage on wheels, you’ll find everything you want from home… A 28″ flat screen TV, washer/dryer, kitchen with large sink, staircase to the loft, and lots of windows and natural light throughout. All for under $20k.

Great work Peter, Shannon, Peter’s Dad, (and their friends, family, and building team). This is yet another amazing example of what you can do with your own custom tiny house project with enough dedication and good old fashion hard work.

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Updated January 7, 2019

Couple Build and Live in Tiny House for Less than $20k

Couple Build and Live in Tiny House for Less than $20k

Images © Peter and Shannon/TinyLike.us

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