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Neil and his family wanted a vacation home where they could get out of the city and enj0y the nature in Joshua Tree. Why container homes? Because it was cool and different! What they thought would take a year or two and $150,000 ended up taking three full years and over $650K to complete. But now that it’s done, it’s available on Airbnb for the whole world to enjoy.

The house has one main container where there’s a kitchen and living room. Two bedrooms and a bathroom sit in one of the other two containers, and the primary bedroom and luxury bathroom take up the other one. In the middle of everything, there’s a concrete patio with outdoor furniture and a giant Adirondack chair. There’s even a container pool to cool off in! What do you think?

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Rooftop Deck, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Giant Patio!

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Meet the “Trekkershus,” an awesome shippping container turned vacation property. It sits in the PlatzProjekt, an experimental village in Hannover, Germany. During your stay you’ll be surrounded by other unique, alternative buildings and architectural concepts.

This container home houses the bedroom and office space (with speedy internet) indoors, while the eating and kitchen space are on the terrace. The bathroom with full plumbing is affixed to the container and accesible via the deck. What do you think of the design?

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German Container Home Made from Recycled Materials

Sustainable Trekkershus Container Home in PlatzProjekt Community 7

Images by Airbnb/Florian

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