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Tony used all his savings to buy a shipping container back in 2017. He had zero construction experience but was sure it’d take him about 3 months to convert the container into a home. Instead, he worked extra and then spent his weekends — for 9 months — seeing his plan come to fruition. In the end, he spent $13K on an impressive tiny house, even though it took longer than he expected. When his video tour went viral on YouTube, he found himself in the position to start a tiny house company.

Now he has an entire business and has built more than 100 container homes and has even done a van conversion. He offers DIY classes online and has really made a name for himself in the tiny world. Enjoy his origin story interview below, and let us know what you think about container homes in the comments! Do you think you could figure out how to become a tiny house builder?

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Now he has Built over 100 Container Homes!

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