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I love when people start and complete their own DIY projects like this 144 sq. ft. Blue Door Tiny Home on wheels by Conrad Harley in Stanwood, Washington because it can normally be done for less than $20,000.

Who else do you know that has been able to build their own house for $20k or less? You might be lucky enough to know somebody who has, but most people obviously don’t.

And if you hire a builder or if you decide to order a tiny home from a tiny house company you’re normally going to be asked to pay upwards of $45,000 (or more).

Some of you have been lucky enough to have had your home built for $35,000 but that’s rarely the case these days because labor is just, well, expensive.. So a Do-It-Yourself project is the answer if you’d like to own a tiny home for less than $25,000.

And people like Conrad Harley are leading the way. Others, like Dan Louche, can teach you how to do it using his step by step guide.

Conrad’s Blue Door Tiny Home on Wheels


Images © Conrad Harley

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