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Well, here’s something different! A tiny house duplex. Built for the original portion of the ESCAPE tiny house village in Tampa, this double Boho was built for Palm Court. It’s not for sale anymore, but seeing the idea is fun! Now, one of the units could still be available for rent. It’s listed right here if you want to check the latest availability.

The two 20-foot tiny homes are built as one unit, each separate section including a first-floor bed, galley kitchen, and small bathroom with a standard shower stall. They have their own separate entrances. Do you like the idea of a tiny duplex?

ALERT: Part of this unit is available for rent

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ESCAPE Village Welcomes a Double Boho Tiny House (Duplex on Wheels)!

youtu.be-5Li6HlTtxzU (1)


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Are two tinies better than one? This family thought so! They purchased two awesome tiny homes from Tiny Mountain Houses that include a large living/dining/kitchen THOW and then a bedroom & bathroom THOW with a loft for the kids. There’s even a laundry room.

The whole home sits on a farm, and they had a huge deck built after-the-fact to extend their living space outdoors. Inside has a perfect farmhouse feel, with shaker cabinets, black walnut counter tops and board and batten walls. Enjoy the video tour below!

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Two-Piece Tiny House on Wheels w/ Huge Deck

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This is a Kokoon Home KITs creation: Two 8×24 tiny homes built for a client as a dazzling showroom! The houses are connected by a 4 ft. deck.

These pictures just give you an idea of what you can do with Kokoon’s 718 Kompak shell that starts at $8,995.00 (It comes insulated and certified for insurance and financing). Kokoon (located in Atlanta Georgia) keeps the price for custom builds confidential, but if you are looking for a shell that you can make into your home, Kokoon has some excellent options!

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Kokoon Home KITs: Two 8×24 Tiny Homes

Images via Kokoon Homes KITs Facebook

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