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This is a 450 sq. ft. tiny condo with an open layout. In other words, it’s a studio apartment!

It features a retro/modern design with a murphy bed. How do you like it? Have you ever considered living tiny like this?

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Tiny Condo With Simple, Modern, And Retro Style… Approximately 450-Square-Feet.


Photos via Imgur

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This is a 500 sq. ft. cottage for sale in Yorkshire Village.

From the outside, you’ll see the exterior is covered in beautiful stone.

When you go inside, you’ll find a living area, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and an additional upstairs loft bedroom.

The asking price for this home is £165,000, which is about $237,360 in USD.

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445 Sq. Ft. Cottage For Sale in Yorkshire Village

500 Sq Ft Cottage For Sale in Yorkshire Village 001

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