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If you’re starting to commute by bicycle that is awesome because you’re improving your health, saving thousands every year, and helping the environment.

When you commute by bike you are even making people around you consider making the big change themselves some day.

Can you imagine enjoying all of the benefits of riding on bike instead of car? Sure, there will be times when you need that rain coat, or have to get mud guards installed.

But you could save up to $8,000 every year if you are paying for a car right now. That’s enough to be able to rent one when you need to! Maybe it’s even enough savings for you to completely change your life by spending more time with family, pursue something new or old, or to simply ease up your finances while bumping up your health.

Your body’s looking better and your heart is getting healthier when you’re on a bicycle instead of a car. Tammy, the author and bike commuting expert who lives in Portland, OR, will show you how to properly equip your bicycle so that you can go to the grocery store without issues.

After reading the book you will understand the most practical safety techniques. It’s packed with helpful information on buying a bike, getting used to the transition, and other challenges you might encounter and how to overcome them right away (or avoid them all together).

When you order, you’ll receive the ebook instantly.

To get your copy now, click here.

Simply Car-Free Ebook
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Alan Cohen, architect, took a regular house and combined a unique space where he and his partner live and work, and now they are surrounded by a community.

Their home isn’t small but their story is still one of simplifying… They both eliminated their need of using vehicles everyday by combining their work space within their home as well as being in close proximity to everywhere they go.

They love it not just because the commute is gone but they are also within walking or bicycling distance from just about anywhere they would want to go.

Alan’s office is just a doorway into a 1050 square foot area. They share this space (Alan is an architect and his partner an artist).

The living space is 1730 square feet (down from 3000 square feet previously) but they have an architect office and an artist studio within.

Architect combines Home and Workplace - Adapts Green Lifestyle
YouTube Screenshot Courtesy of Faircompanies.com

Watch the video tour…

Learn more at Faircompanies.

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