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This 766 sq. ft. cottage with garage and additional finished basement for sale is in Columbus, Ohio.

It’s on 443 E Kossuth Street and is listed for sale here. It’s a two bedroom two bathroom home.

When you go inside you’ll see that the kitchen is new with granite countertops and all. Outside there’s even a 2-car garage so there’s plenty of storage space here.

And the listing says that you can even finish the attic space if you wanted to add even more living/storage space later on. The asking price is $189,900. What do you think, pretty good deal these days or not? Either way please enjoy taking the tour and re-sharing with your friends below if you want to. Thanks!

766 Sq. Ft. Cottage with Garage and Basement For Sale


Images © GRT-Group

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I’m excited to show you this 750 sq. ft. one bedroom one bathroom small cottage in Columbus, Ohio that was built in 1920.

It was listed for sale but has recently been taken off the market. I still wanted to share it with you for inspirational purposes and I think you’ll be glad I did.

The cottage is nicknamed Pure Honey. It definitely has curb appeal and I can imagine it would be dreamy to get to live in it. Wait until you see inside! Please enjoy and re-share below.

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Small Cottage in Columbus, Ohio


Images © HERRealtors

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