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The Dekker family (@thedekkertrekkers) loved spending months at a time traveling in their pop-up camper, so they decided to bite the bullet and get a larger RV to travel in full-time. After six months on the road, they ended up finding an adorable tiny cabin in Colorado to fix up and act as their home base.

Right now they’re renovating the cabin so they can winter there and then head out in their RV during the warmer months. Honestly, it’s the best of both worlds! They can rent it as an Airbnb to help offset the costs of full-time travel. I can’t wait to see what the cabin looks like when it’s done, but for now enjoy pictures of their RV renovation.

Also, there’s a Q&A with them at the end of the post you won’t want to miss.

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Dekkers: Splitting Their Time Between an RV & Tiny Cabin

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