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A while back I introduced some of you to Collin and Joanna, a young married couple who have been building their own Tumbleweed tiny house.

I’ve been visiting them on their blog (lots of cool pictures) since the very beginning so it’s great to see the finished product.

Yes, they are now currently living in it! Last month, they had their first guest sleep over.

They used the Fencl building plans ($859) to construct the house on a dual axle trailer.

It’s 130 square feet with an upstairs sleeping loft.

The plans give you enough room to fit…

  • Two lounge chairs
  • Fireplace
  • Pull out couch
  • Full sized shower
  • Kitchen

Their kitchen, by the way, is awesome. Here’s a preview of it in this screenshot from the video tour:

Collin and Joanna's Tiny House Tour

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