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With the help of her brother, Holly built her daughter, Tilly, a tiny home to act as her college dorm! The pandemic made Holly and Tilly realize how little of their huge home they actually used, and Tilly had a lot of anxiety about what her future was going to look like.

That’s when they came up with a plan: Sell the big house, purchase Indigo River Tiny House plans, DIY their own awesome build, move to Colorado (where Tilly wants to go to college) and get the benefits of in-state tuition when the time comes!

Tilly gets the home as long as she needs it, providing that once she has a post-college career that she pays back her mom for the build so her mom has some retirement funds. In the meantime, Holly and her partner purchased an RV and they plan to travel the US while working remotely.

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They Built This THOW from Indigo River Plans!

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