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The year is 2020, we’re all in some form of isolation, and I thought I would bring some tiny house-friendly apparel back to Tiny House Talk. It’s been a while since we’ve done it, so I thought I’d start offering limited-run t-shirt designs based on some of our favorite quotes and cabins. If anything, just for fun.

With this one, we went with the quote, “all good things are wild and free,” by Henry David Thoreau. So it’s the Wild And Free Tee (but is also available as a pair of socks or tank top). Check it out if you’re interested. If not, I totally understand. But if you’re in the market for a new comfortable t-shirt, and this is a message that jives with you, well, consider supporting our tiny mission while expressing your true self and having a reminder to find ways to be wild and free, even under today’s weird circumstances. Inspire yourself, and inspire others (from a safe distance, please). This design is on a limited run, so once these are sold, they’re gone.

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Wild And Free Tees (Limited)

Wild And Free T-Shirts 001

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I bet you’re wondering where the heck tiny house people put their clothes?!

That’s easy. They don’t have a lot.

Before you toss in the towel as you have no idea how you’re going to pick a complete wardrobe from an entire closet and dresser(s) of clothes, relax.

Other people have done it. I’ve done it. You can do it.

I used to have two dressers, a full closet, and several boxes in the attic. And I don’t even like fashion!

Now, with the exception of some boots and coats, all my clothes can be packed into a couple of gym bags.

My goal is to get everything in one bag. Your goal might be similar. Or maybe you just want to get rid of the dresser.

The fun part about clothes is that no one has the exact same wardrobe. We all have different lives that require different types of apparel. For example, I have four pairs of boots: cowboy boots for line dancing (don’t judge), waterproof winter boots, everyday sweater boots, and a classy pair of boots with heels for dress-up occasions. To some people, that’s a lot. To me, it’s just right for where I am in my life.

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