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This is a limited time offer where you can save $26,100 USD on a new ESCAPE CLASSIC Park Model Tiny Home.

The Classic gives you a large screened porch with glass french doors, cedar interior, beautiful kitchen w/ granite tops, full-size bathroom, bedroom, loads of storage, and more. If you’ve been wanting this unit, now is the time to get it!

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26k Savings On An ESCAPE CLASSIC Park Model

ESCAPE Classic Park Model Tiny House 26k Off Sale 001

Images © ESCAPE

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If you’re into tiny houses but even 8′ x 30′ feels like it’d be too tight then you’ll probably like this 392 sq. ft. ESCAPE cabin. It’s a park model cabin!

It’s 28′ x 14′ so plenty of extra space compared to most tiny homes on wheels that meet the 8’6″ width standards which is mainly so you can tow your own house without any permits. The ESCAPE is still portable only you’d have to pay for professional help to move it which is costly so you wouldn’t want to move very often unless you really have to. So here it is. The Classic ESCAPE.

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The Classic ESCAPE Park Model Cabin

canoe bay escape cabin

For me, I’d only have this moved if I really had to. My plan would be to find the right plot of land and leave this there for as long as it can last with proper care/maintenance.

Here, let me show you inside:

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