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This $3k DIY Teardrop Camper Project is a guest post by Nathan Pizzo

I started this teardrop camper about three point five months ago… from a 5×8 trailer… I was trying to build it in 30 days, but I soon found it was a little tougher than I thought. However… it’s all ready to go now, besides some further refinements that are best done at a slower pace. I spent my first night in it last night… in the garage, where the weather would not be a factor, just to get the feel.

My wife was very pleased with the result and said it was cozy, comfortable, and nice. I think it’s pretty sharp too. I am not exactly sure what it cost me to build but if I exclude new tools, and other special things I purchased to help me build it… I believe it’s something close to $3000 in materials alone. I think my labor would factor in to make it a higher price also. I built it in my garage.

Now to find some good places to use it!!

He Built A $3K Teardrop Camper in 3.5 Months (2014)


Images © Nathan Pizzo

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