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Some of you might remember Tiny: A Story About Living Small.

It’s a tiny house documentary created years ago by Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller.

I posted on it a while back (and even more later- see below) and some of you even helped raise money for them on their Kickstarter fundraiser.

You might already have even seen the movie at a local screening or film festival. But I’m here to announce that the film is now officially available. More on how and where you can watch it below.

Tiny: A Story About Living Small Released


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I’m sure most of you are familiar with the film TINY: the Movie, it was produced by Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller.

They are owners of a beautiful 127 square feet home located in Colorado that costs almost nothing to power.

The couple always wanted to own their own property in the mountains but didn’t realize they could really pursue that dream until they stumbled upon the tiny house movement.

This was going to be their first construction project they had ever attempted so it was challenging but their desire to simplify and own their own house overcame all of the obstacles.


I encourage you to come inside to see the full tour below:

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Christopher Smith is the man behind TINY: A Story About Living Small.

He’s turning thirty years old and is set on making the mountains in Boulder, Colorado his permanent home.

Christopher has been visiting and interviewing people who live in tiny houses after he asked himself the big question.

What makes a good home?

The answer is different for every person. But for many, small houses are becoming the answer because they simply cost less.

People are attracted to tiny houses because of the time and financial freedom it offers. It’s a no mortgage lifestyle with fewer chores.

Tiny The Movie - A Story About Living Small - Tiny House Movement
Screenshot thanks to Christopher Smith, TINY on Vimeo

Building with no experience

Christopher has never built anything previous to this project. He took the plunge by purchasing a 5 acre plot of land in the mountains.

He’s learning and figuring everything out as he goes and he’s creating a film throughout the entire process.

Tiny house documentary preview

Length: 2:48

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