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To me that’s what tiny houses are all about.

Because a tiny home provides shelter at it’s most basic form.

Meeting your Needs the Smartest Way

Life is all really about meeting our basic human needs and growing from there.

And only after we do that can we really flourish, or grow. Right?

That’s what I believe, anyway. Before we can be creative, give to others, and share- or discover and embrace- our gift with the world we first have to meet our own basic needs, would you agree?

Below is one of my favorite quotes. I first read it in The Small House Book by Jay Shafer.

The Small House Book Quote

Photo Credit The Small House Book (page 6) by Jay Shafer

It reads, “There is only one success – to be able to spend your own life in your own way.” – Christopher Morley

So Here Are Some Ideas on How to “Recession Proof” Your Life with or without a “Tiny House”

To me, the goal is to be as independent as possible. To do my best to be my own economy. Or at least, not be at the mercy of “the economy.”

In Other Words.. To Become Our Own Economy

And we can do this with or without a tiny house. But the smaller and more efficient, the better (usually- but not always).

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