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You may remember Chris Haynes and his 252 sq. ft. Bodega tiny house with Deek.

If not, just click the link above and you can get the tour of his main house which is just 252 square feet.

Chris built this tiny house first and lived in it for more than a year (completely mortgage-free) with his dog (more on that story in the video below) while he was building his main house.

So now his “guest” house- of course- happens to be just 90 sq. ft. His original tiny cabin.

It was built using the old Tumbleweed XS plans (which I think are normally around 65-square-feet) but he actually built his 1′ wider (90-square-feet) because he built his on a foundation (instead of on a trailer).

Using a Tiny House as a Guest House

I think that’s an awesome micro cabin. In fact, I’ve always wanted to build the XS (I even own a set of the original plans).

What’s also great is that his main house is also relatively tiny at just 252 sq. ft.

Anyway head down below to enjoy the video tour w/ Deek as he also interviews the owner/builder/dweller below:

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Wanted to show you this 252 sq. ft. tiny house in MA.

Deek of RelaxShacks.com gives you the tour with his brother, Dustin, of the Bodega house designed by Tumbleweed.

Chris Haynes, the owner/builder, tweaked the plans just a bit to meet his own needs as well as to meet the local building codes in his county.

He even has a 140W solar system set up which he’s soon going to expand.

There’s also a really nice small built-in porch that Chris screened in which makes for an awesome hang out.

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252 Sq. Ft. Bodega Tiny House Tour with Deek

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