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This is the Tiny Tack House! And for a limited time, you can actually book a vacation in it while it’s on Airbnb. And if you like it so much that you want your own, you can actually get the Tiny Tack House Plans and build your own version of it!

Together with my wife, Malissa, we built The Tiny Tack House 8 yr. ago and have enjoyed living tiny so much that we want to open up the opportunity for others to “Try on Tiny” before deciding to do it themselves. Welcome to tiny, now enjoy your stay!

So what do you think? Will you be planning to book a stay in the Tiny Tack House?

Take Your Next Vacation in the Tiny Tack House in Everett, Washington

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I thought you would enjoy this video interview and tiny house tour with Chris and Malissa Tack since they’re a young couple living tiny.

The good folks over at SciFri are interviewing them and giving us a tour of their super awesome tiny home on wheels.

Watch and enjoy below then leave us with your best thoughts about couples living tiny in the comments below.

Couple Living Tiny… Would You Do It?

I encourage you to enjoy this video interview with this young couple living tiny below: [continue reading…]

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Ever wonder about having a tiny house in the winter?

Our friends Chris and Malissa at Tiny Tack House just posted the video you’re about to see.

It’s of their tiny home on wheels while it’s snowing.

Video: Tiny Home in the Snow

Just because a little house is on a trailer doesn’t mean it can’t handle rough weather. Look at the solar panels filled with snow below. 🙂

Photo Credit Tiny Tack House

Photo Credit Tiny Tack House

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