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This Childhood Playhouse Tiny Home is a guest post by Alexis Saunders.

In 2006 my parents felt that building a treehouse wasn’t safe, so instead they built me a 125 sq. ft. playhouse.

Today, I am about to begin college and instead of paying hundreds of dollars monthly for an apartment or dorm, I was thinking of renovating this playhouse into my own tiny house.

This way I can have the independence of living alone while still being on my parents property. Below are some pictures of what the house looks like now.

I’m wondering how much money it would cost to finish and where I should place the bathroom?

The loft area is about 4ft wide by 10ft long. Two of the windows are broken and insulation is very needed since I live in Michigan.

Student Transforms Childhood Playhouse to Tiny Home

Student Transforms Childhood Playhouse to Tiny Home

Images © Alexis Saunders

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