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She built her tiny house on wheels for about $10,000 in only 10 months and she did it without the help of a builder.

Her tiny home has a solar panel, rain gutters for water collection, and is built right onto an 8×16 trailer so she can legally tow it and move it if she wanted to. It has a 12V LED porch light on the covered front porch. When you go inside you’ll see she has a kitchen, bathroom, living area, closet, and upstairs sleeping loft. She built her tiny house on a 8×16 trailer. It has a custom built 2′ wide screen door she created with a decorative sun on it (see below). She also made her own door mat from a rope. And she even harvests her own spring water from a nearby spring whose water originates underground.

Young lady’s $10k tiny house! She built it herself in 10 months time without the help of a builder.


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