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This is one woman’s Non-Toxic Tiny House on Wheels.

Corinne Segura also runs a blog to help others who are interested in designing and building a chemical-free, VOC-free, mould-free home.

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Woman’s Non-Toxic Tiny House

Images via MyChemicalFreeHouse.net

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This is the Fiddlin Snail Tiny Home on Wheels.

It’s designed and built by Daniel Weddle of Carpenter Owl, a chemical-free tiny house builder. It’s also available to book on Airbnb.

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The Fiddlin Snail Tiny Home by Carpenter Owl


Photos via CarpenterOwl

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This is the Vicki Won Tiny Texas House.

It’s a victorian tiny cottage in Luling, Texas.

And you can book a stay here if you want to try it out!

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Reclaimed 170 Sq. Ft. Tiny Texas House

Vicki Won Tiny Texas House 001

© Tiny Texas Houses

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If you’ve ever thought of a chemical free tiny house for yourself or for someone you know, I think you’ll really like this post.

Corinne, the tiny home owner, experiences bad reactions to chemicals. So she built a little home that’s chemical-free with carefully chosen materials. Instead of creating her own plans, she simply went with the 8×20 Leaf House plans which incorporates a modern design and is specifically engineered for cold climates in the north.

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Woman’s Chemical Free Tiny House in Canada


Images © My Chemical Free House

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