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This is the RE/MAX tiny house on wheels (Tiny Home for Tiny Tots) that is up for auction to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It was built by architecture students at Henry Ford College.

When you’re selling a tiny home, you need your best and brightest…Also tiniest. Watch our tiny RE/MAX agents get to work. Place a bid on our tiny home auction between 7/26-7/28 or make a donation at http://www.TinyHomeTinyTots.com

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RE/MAX Tiny House up for Auction: Proceeds Benefit Tiny Tots

REMAX Tiny House to Help Tiny Tots 001

Images © RE/MAX/Tiny Home Tiny Tots

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This is a 100 sq. ft. Centipede tiny house that is being auctioned off in Madison, WI.

The auction is being conducted by Occupy Madison and to raise funds for the Occupy Madison Village.

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Centipede Tiny House Up For Auction To Raise Money for Occupy Madison Tiny House Village

Centipede Tiny House Auction For Occupy Madison

Photos via Utopian Villas

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This is Peter Stiehler, head of Catholic Worker Hospitality House, who, along with his wife, is working on finishing a tiny house for the homeless and fighting for their legality in his city.

He currently runs a homeless shelter and a kitchen that serves breakfast “to about 70 people a day.” This month he has a meeting with the San Bruno community development officials in order to make a push for the city to allow more of these tiny homes in San Bruno, California. Read the full story at Mercury News.

Good luck to Peter — and great work!

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Head of Hospitality House Pushes for Tiny Homes in San Bruno

Image via Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group

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This is a teen performance group in Vermont who is fundraising for a trip to Ireland with a teeny-tiny house project!

They are raffling off the home they spent the summer creating in order to fund their three-week trip, which is the culmination of four years of study and practice in “The Way of the Bard.” You can support them by purchasing tickets here. The house has bamboo floors, a handcrafted arched doorway, and tons of charm.

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Teen Performance Group Fundraises with Tiny House Project

Images via Treewild

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A compassionate group of people in San Luis Obispo County, California are creating a village of tiny homes to benefit their homeless neighbors.

Right now they’ve completed their model 7′ x 16′ Cabin on Wheels which they are lovingly calling The COW.

The plan is to develop a sustainable tiny house community for their unhoused neighbors who are under-served and have fallen into homelessness.

The villagers will be building their own tiny homes on wheels with the help of their team of volunteers from the community. People can help out by donating and/or by helping to build by volunteering their time. And everyone involved will get to learn from each other while helping one another. For about $2,500 a cabin on wheels can be built for a veteran in need or other homeless person.

Hope’s Village of SLO: Tiny House Community for the Homeless


Images © Hope’s Village of SLO

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I want to show you how if you want to you can help create Emerald Village which is an upcoming tiny house village community designed to empower the homeless in Eugene, Oregon.

The same group of people that has successfully OpportUNITY Village in Eugene. I love what they’re doing and how they’re doing it so much that I’m participating in the fundraising (and you can too) for their next tiny house village.

In case you’re able and wanting to help I wanted to show you how but obviously please don’t feel obligated because I really just want to show you how amazing this is.

So enjoy the article and photos below and re-share this post if you feel drawn to do so because it’s a great opportunity to help spread the Tiny House Movement in the way that truly helps those in need.

Tiny House Villages for the Formerly Homeless


Images: OpportUNITY Village

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