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Three amazing nurses have come together to build a medical tiny house to better care for this 8 year old boy who was born with a terrible skin disorder called epidermolysis bullosa.

The cozy little cottage is called the Honey House and it functions like a burn unit on wheels that will provide better treatment for Brian Ilg.

I wanted to show you the current progress of the house (which even has dormers and a loft to store Brian’s medical supplies) as well as give you a chance to help build it.

And here’s the best part.. It won’t cost you anything to help but you can donate money if you want to. All they’re asking for is your vote and you can help them win $10,000 from Kind Snacks to help with their Honey House project.

The Inspiring Honey House Project


I encourage you to see the rest of this inspiring story (and how you can help if you want) below:

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Last month I told you about a business man who built a community of tiny houses for the homeless in Texas.

Ever since then I’ve been noticing more projects and non-profits who are on a similar mission.

This story begins with a group of homeless people protesting in a parking lot in the city of Olympia.

They did so by camping out in the parking lot in 2007 when, later, police forced them out.

After this, local churches started offering space for the people to camp in since they had nowhere else to go.

Today- several years later- it is a self-governed village of 30 permanent tiny cabins for the group to live in.

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Photo by Bettina Hansen for the Seattle Times

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A small charity group in Madison, Wisconsin is collecting donations and building 98 sq. ft. $3,000 tiny houses on wheels with the area’s homeless.

And it’s not just a hand out since the future tiny home owners labor away to help build their own homes, and hopefully some of their future neighbors homes too.

The houses are really tiny and very basic but they’re bound to make a huge difference in these people’s lives who have never had the chance to own a home in their lives.

With bathrooms and kitchens and a cost of just $3,000 to build I think there’s a huge opportunity to help lots of people get back on their feet and into a better environment to improve their lives.

Because nothing beats simply having a front door to close and be inside a warm home of your own. Occupy Madison is aiming to complete 10 more tiny homes by the end of 2014.

Where are they putting them? Great question! They’ve temporarily arranged parking with local churches until the group finds a permanent location for the homes.

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98 Sq. Ft. $3k Tiny House for Homeless in Madison

Image: NBC 15

The goal is to obtain a plot of land where they can park around 30 of them.

Watch the video of the news segment below to learn, see more and even donate to the cause if you want to:

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I’ve been covering tiny houses and other smaller and alternative types of housing for the last few years and I can say that it’s easy to find great examples of small homes every day.

What bothers me is that the majority of what I find is the opposite of affordable housing. It’s normally boutique hotels, places to go “glamping”, and/or expensive real estate in highly populated areas.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of that. I think it’s great that there are all of these ways that people who aren’t in need can explore and discover housing that might one day make their lives better through simplicity.

And all of this helps lead to making our world better (environmentally, socially and economically). But now, more than ever, there seems to be a dire need for truly affordable and smarter housing. And in this area of Austin, Texas, one man is leading the way to accomplishing that right now.

The goal? To help get 200 people back on their feet and out of homelessness.

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Introducing: Community First Village

Tiny House Community for Homeless

Image Credit: Joy Diaz for KUT

It’s a 29 acre property with tiny cottages, teepees, and travel trailers completely dedicated to serving 200 local people who are chronically homeless.

“Allan Graham is the man behind the vision. A former businessman, he took it upon himself to change the life of Austin’s homeless population.”

Listen to the Audio Version of this Story Right Here Below

Learn more about this tiny house community for the homeless below:

Please read the original article over at KUT (part of the NPR network)

I’d like to thank Michael over at Tiny House Living for getting this story out there first.

What ideas do you have on how we can inspire more projects like this in our country and throughout the world?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Who knows, you might inspire the beginning of the next affordable small housing community! Do your part with a “Like”, share or comment below.

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