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This is a cozy and romantic grey chalet in the Hudson Valley of New York. The home has warm wood-paneled ceilings and whitewashed wood floors for contrast. The queen bed is on the first floor, divided by a sheer curtain.

In one corner there’s a full kitchen with lovely blue tile, and through a barn door, you’ll find a full bathroom as well. A ladder takes you up to a lounge loft where you could hang out and read a book. It would make a really great full-time residence with a little more storage.

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Tiny Chalet Cabin with a Farmhouse Kitchen

Grey Chalet

Images via Jeddah/Airbnb

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I love a little bit of whimsy, and this enchanting chalet in the trees of Quebec does not disappoint. It’s built high into the trees and supported by stilts, while a meandering set of staircases and lookouts lead to the cabin.

Inside, everything is a bit off-kilter, with tilted shelves, a fantastical doorway and fun pops of color. The whole time you’re there you’ll wonder just how they managed to build it with all the quirky angles.

Would you build a whimsical cabin?

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Quebec Treehouse with Double Decks

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Wow! Wait until you watch the renovation slideshow at the end of this post. The owners of the Mountain Time Chalet took it from an outdated 1970s vacation home and turned it into a stunning modern and inviting retreat in Big Bear, California.

Kelly, Waylon, and their infant daughter really went all out doing this DIY renovation. What you’ll find now is a perfect getaway, complete with two bedrooms, a gorgeous kitchen, and a great open-concept gathering area where you can make memories!

It’s a rental on Airbnb, so be sure to book your stay.

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Couple Transforms this 1970s Chalet into Gorgeous Vacation Spot

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This is the cozy Chalet Tiny House on Wheels by Molecule Tiny Homes in Santa Cruz, California.

The build includes stunning details like adorable arched doors and windows and an off-the-loft balcony! I love the stonework in the kitchen and bathroom, and it even has excellent safety rails on the stairs and bedroom loft. Plus, those little green shutters are just adorable.

See contact details for the builder below!

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Cozy Chalet Tiny Cottage on Wheels by Molecule Tiny Homes

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This is a 496 sq. ft. tiny cabin with expansive decks for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors recently sold for $370,000 according to Realtor.com.

It features skylights and an abundance of windows to help bring the outdoors in. When you go inside you’ll find a downstairs bedroom, a cozy upstairs sleeping loft, a bathroom, living room, and a lovely little kitchen.

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496 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin in California Sells for $370k

496 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin in California

Images © Realtor.com

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