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If you’re like me and you also live in a small space like a tiny house or a micro apartment..

Then you probably are looking for comfortable arm chairs that won’t make your place seem cluttered or too small.

That’s why I gathered 10 outstanding arm chair designs that will work for almost any small home or office.

How to Choose the Right Arm Chair for a Tiny House

For each chair to make the list it had to meet a few simple requirements:

  • It must have longer than normal legs

Why long legs? Because in a tiny homes, these things matter. The long legs allow you to see through the area underneath the chair. This creates the perception that there’s more space. Last but not least:

  • It must be comfortable to sit and read in
  • It must look good to the eye
  • It should be affordable and durable

Let’s move on to the top 6 arm chairs we found for small spaces:

Top 6 Arm Chair Designs for Small Spaces

6. IKEA Poang Armchair with Cushion

IKEA Armchair for Small Apartments

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