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I’m going to try to do a tiny house furniture post at least once per week. This will be a good way to show everyone what’s already out there as far as tiny house furniture goes.

Today I’ll be featuring a dual purpose chair which transforms into a ladder/step stool. Great for a library but can also be useful in a tiny house, especially since we deal with lofts and loft storage a lot.

These might not be tall enough to get you up into your bedroom loft, although it may?? But it’ll at least give you access to some of those hard to reach storage spots.


folding-chair-ladder-2 folding-chair-ladder-3

Here’s some information from the retailer…

Said to have been designed originally by Benjamin Franklin, master inventor, this easy to convert piece is a wonder. It flips over to instantly make a handy stepladder perfect for the kitchen, library, and garage or storage areas. Made from hardwood and finished in white, it will look great in you home and last through years of use. Chair is 16″W x 15.25″D x 34″H.

You might be able to order it at Stonewall Kitchen. (Link opens in a new window)

Here’s another one that I found…


And you can try ordering that one through this link (opens in new window).

Also check out Ryan Mitchell’s guest post on the Tiny House Blog called Seating in a Tiny House.

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