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This is a micro A-frame cabin in the woods that can be built for as little as $700!

This one is actually a vacation cabin that’s on Airbnb out of Cave Junction, Oregon. Would you build a little cabin like this?

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Micro A-frame Cabin Vacation in Cave Junction, Oregon

Micro A-frame Cabin Vacation in Cave Junction 001

Images via Airbnb

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Wanted to show you this awesome treehouse cabin rental that’s on Airbnb.

It’s located in Cave Junction, Oregon and is completely elevated off the ground.

As soon as you just look at it must feel like you’re in some kind of wonderland.

It’s not a complete home (no kitchen or shower) but it does have a half bathroom.

Just don’t expect a kitchen and all of that. If it were mine, I’d officially call it, “The Indiana Jones Sleeper Treehouse,” if that’s not too much.

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Sleeper treehouse cabin

Photo Credit Airbnb.com

Anyways, I encourage you to tour the rest of it below:

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