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This is a tiny and cozy off-grid home that is perfectly reminiscent of a Hobbit-like cave.

Outside, you’ll see a curved roof line over two double doors that open wide to make the inside and outside living space one. From the front of the house you have views of a lily-pad-filled pond that includes a wonderful footbridge. The owner says he’s spent 40 years creating the space.

In the center of the circular interior you’ll find a large round table with benches. The ceilings feature amazing stone work and a cozy bed is tucked in the curve of one wall. Exposed wooden beams square off areas of the house. In the kitchen area at the back of the house you can pull down a wooden cabinet door to expose a wine rack. A built-in kitchen chest stands against the wall and looks like a piece of history. You can cook over an elaborate wood-burning stove complete with cast iron dishware, or sit and study at a wooden desk near the front wall. Watch the entire video for a full tour of this tiny abode.

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Off-Grid Hobbit-like Cave Home Built into a Hillside


Images © Living Big In A Tiny House via YouTube

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