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This is Troy & Krista’s 25 ft. Castle Peak Tiny Home in Washington.

It’s a fully-customized THOW built for them by Tiny Mountain Homes, and they’ve been living inside for 8 months, loving their tiny life!

We are thrilled with the design, and functionality of this model. Every detail of the interior and exterior my wife and I specifically picked out.

Troy and Krista sent us pictures of their lived-in home, and shared their story in a Q&A at the end of the post: You don’t want to miss it. I really love that they prove living in an RV park can be luxurious — just wait until you see their quaint little lot!

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Interview: Troy & Krista’s 25 ft. Castle Peak Tiny Home

Images via Troy & Krista

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This 322 sq. ft. Double Dormer Loft Tiny Home on Wheels is built by Tiny Mountain Homes. It has two separate entrances and is completely certified as an RV so it’s easy to buy with financing (and easy to find a parking spot for).

It features many unique features like a downstairs den/bedroom, multi-functional areas, nice kitchen, double lofts with dormers, and more.

The kitchen features a gas range and an apartment-sized refrigerator that’s compact but very usable. The countertops are granite and there’s even a tile backsplash to make things look and feel even nicer. There’s even a spacious California King size upstairs sleeping loft with dormers.

322 Sq. Ft. Double Dormer Loft Tiny Home

Castle Peak 322 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home on Wheels RV Certfieid

Images © TinyMountainHomes

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