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This is a casting call from Snow Day Entertainment for tiny house dwellers who need to renovate their little spaces:

Do you live in a tiny home and love your downsized life, but feel your space could use some adjustments? Pregnancies, family members moving in, job changes, pets, health issues – unexpected life changes mean you might need to make some unexpected changes to your tiny home. A LOS ANGELES television production company is casting for couples, singles and families who need our expert help to renovate their tiny home and make it even more functional/comfortable. Please e-mail to [email protected] with your unique story and why you need our help to renovate your special space.

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Casting Call: Tiny House Renovations

3-D Modeling of the Kozy Kabin framing to break down tiny house construction.

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This is an announcement for a Tiny Luxury Casting Call!

Maybe you’ve seen the show on HGTV? Paul Head, casting director with Bodega Pictures, says he is casting season 2 right now.

We are currently seeking families, couples and individuals (with sidekicks!) who are planning to take the plunge and own their own tiny home!

Interested? Get the details below.

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Tiny Luxury Casting Call

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This is a casting call for HGTV‘s new show, Tiny Paradise.

If you have a tiny house that fits the bill described below, contact HGTV.

Please enjoy, read more and re-share below!

HGTV’s Tiny Paradise Now Casting


Image via Tiny Paradise

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I was just contacted by Lauren Gagliardi, a researcher for RAW, which is a UK-based production company working on a television show based on families living off-grid.

They’re the same people behind Discovery’s Gold Rush. Here’s what she shared with me to pass along to you, in case you’re interested…

The basic premise of the show is to meet families who are living off-grid and having some difficulties adjusting. The families may have recently moved off-grid or have particular difficulties in the winter season. An expert will go and meet the families and advise on how to solve their biggest off-grid problems before the winter season approaches.

Casting Call for Off-Grid Living TV Show

RAW Off Grid Living TV Show Casting

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